At HKRB we are focused on the discussion and promotion of texts of all varieties and from all over the world. We are particularly interested in what we think of as ‘radical’ texts: any text which challenges normative ideas, assumptions and practices. This will inform our decision of whether or not to review a book. By radical we do not necessarily mean politically left wing, but any text which makes the reader think critically, challenging the ideas of our present moment. We will, of course, accept ‘radical’ reviews of ‘conservative’ books.

That said, another main aim of ours is to promote discussions of Hong Kong literature, and of literature in Hong Kong, so we particularly welcome review copies of books from Hong Kong authors or publishers who wish to be reviewed, and we are particularly receptive to reviews from writers who live in Hong Kong, are from HK, or have written about or in HK. If your book is on Asian history or culture,  you should know that the Asian Review of Books is the most prestigious place for your review (though of course, two reviews is better than one). If your book is about anything else, we might be the place for you.

CLICK HERE for our archives of book reviews covering Hong Kong and Chinese Literature, Culture and Politics.

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