The Hong Kong Review of Books is an international book review site launched in 2016. We are a Hong Kong platform for discussion of books with a focus on global politics and critical theory, as well as philosophy, literary fiction and international poetry. We are particularly interested in what we think of as ‘radical’ texts: any text which challenges ideas, assumptions and practices and makes the reader think critically, challenging the ideas of our present moment.

Hong Kong is a city with a rich literary history, in a fascinating political and cultural situation and with a thriving poetic, literary and academic community. A main aim of ours is to promote discussions of Hong Kong literature, and of literature in Hong Kong, so we particularly welcome review copies of books from Hong Kong authors or publishers who wish to be reviewed, and we are particularly receptive to reviews from writers who live in Hong Kong, are from HK, or have written about or in HK. Please find the relevant editor below and get in touch.

General Editor



Interviews (alfiesbown[@]gmail.com)
Alfie BOWN (Royal Holloway)

Hong Kong and Chinese Literature and Culture (echowquesada[@]hkbu.edu.hk)

Events (paulfung[@]hsu.edu.hk)

Non-Fiction (HKRB.NonFic[@]gmail.com)

Essays and Art and Film (carolynlau.cuhk[@]gmail.com)
Carolyn LAU (CUHK)

Poetry (poetryhkrb[@]gmail.com)

Fiction (jayparker[@]hsu.edu.hk)

Media and Technology (bognakonior[@]gmail.com)
Bogna KONIOR (University of Amsterdam)

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to review a book for The Hong Kong Review of Books please contact the relevant editor listed above and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are a publisher or author, please email the relevant editor to obtain a postal address to send the book to. Please include ‘HKRB SUBMISSION’ in the subject line of your email. General or media queries may be sent to the General Editor.


REVIEWS: Reviews should be somewhere between 700 and 1200 words. However, in some cases we will accept longer reviews of up to 2000 words. Your review should include the publisher and date of publication, and when you send it to us please include a short bio of yourself for publication along with your review.

ESSAYS: The ‘HKRB Essays’ series treats topical and political issues across the world. We are particularly receptive to work related to Hong Kong and China, but this is not a prerequisite. Essays should be 1500-2500 words in length.

INTERVIEWS: The ‘HKRB Interviews’ series has a specific focus on critical theory and philosophy. If you want to conduct an interview on our behalf, please contact the relevant editor in advance.

Contributors should follow the Hong Kong Review of Books style guide.


Please note that we are unable to review self-published books, children’s books, or Young Adult fiction.


By submitting a review or any other piece of written work intended for publication on this website, authors acknowledge and accept full legal responsibility for the content of their own work. Although every effort will be made by the editors of HKRB to advise authors when their work may contravene legal practice, sole responsibility (legal or otherwise) for the content of any work published on this site will remain with the author of the work in question.

On the proviso that the author continues to allow his/her submitted work to be both visible and accessible to the general public on this website, authors retain full copyright of their own work.

We are proud to be affiliated with our friends at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

4 thoughts on “Editorial and Submission Details

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  2. The necessity of keeping the free review of books during these challenging and overarching historic times is certainly much needed. Keep true Hong Kong Review of Books!🧐


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